Services Include

Full Home Cleaning Service

Typical 3 bedroom 2 bath single story $120 on a routine basis with routine cleanings *extras become part of the service and are rotated through 

Special one-time or sometimes cleanings available price to be determined

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What you can expect in a full home cleaning! 

The bathrooms are a great place to start as they are usually the most used and dirtiest place in your home

 BATHROOMS include:

Scrub & disinfect TOILET inside, out, and behind

Scrub & disinfect TUB leaving it beautiful and ready for the bubble bath you deserve

Scrub & disinfect SHOWER stall *this will not necessarily take care of all hard water and mold stains

Move stuff from counter tops, scrub & disinfect SINK bowels and COUNTER TOPS

Shine all FAUCETS

Shine all MIRRORS

Remove TRASH

Shake RUGS outside

Vacuum and heat steam mop FLOOR

*Wipe all baseboards

*Dust vents and ceiling fans

*Wipe outside of cabinets     

The kitchen is the heart of the home and for ease of use and safety a clean kitchen is essential


Place dishes in dishwasher if empty

Scrub and disinfect inside side of SINK and shine FAUCETS   Wipe inside of MICROWAVE and wash glass plate

Scrub range RANGE TOP

Wipe and disinfect all accessible COUNTER TOPS   Shine GRANITE

Wipe down FRONTS of microwave, dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator

Remove TRASH

Vacuum and heat steam mop FLOORS   *Inside oven

*Clean behind & under everything on counter tops   *Wipe all baseboards
*Dust on top of refrigerator

*Dust ceiling fan


Dust all accessible tops of FURNITURE & SHELVES


Shine any MIRRORS

Remove TRASH

Vacuum and steam mop if hard FLOOR

*Dusting ceiling fan

*Wiping all baseboards


Dust all accessible tops of FURNITURE & SHELVES


Shine any MIRRORS

Shine glass on EXTERIOR DOORS

Remove TRASH
Vacuum carpet & stream mop any hard FLOOR

Vacuum STAIRS   *Wipe all baseboards   *Wipe banisters, railings, baseboards of stairs

*Dust ceiling fans